1. 11-14 Uhr Yoga Antidote for Modern Life
  2. 15-18 Uhr Yoga Cross Training Workshop

Join Adam and Holly Husler from London, UK for a one day retreat at KARMA Cologne. Adam brings a unique perspective to those who seek more from yoga than making pretty shapes. He offers creative, effective and clearly-sequenced teachings that focus on balancing flexibility and strength; physically and mentally. As the asana practice end, Holly will guide you through a journey of sound, where healing vibrations and sensations from beautiful instruments such as crystal bowls, chimes and voice, will weave their magic over and through you. Expect a unique, sensory experience.

Kompletter Tag € 90.-

Einzelne Workshops € 50.-


Hunching over desks, cycling commutes, slouching over an smartphones, picking up kettlebells/children/puppies etc. are all activities that feature in modern lives, but that can actually create some less than desirable effects in the body. When our activities develophabitual movement patterns, or cultivate tightness and weakness in particular areas of the body, we need needs some time doing exactly the opposite actions. If yoga is a practice of balance and equanimity, we need to apply that to our bodies as much as any thing else. Thorough this workshop you will:

-Practice a vinyasa based sequence, targeting those common problem areas, inc; shoulders, chest, hips, legs and plenty more. 

-Be encouraged to find flexibility in the stiff bits and strength in the weak and loose bits. 

-Explore the difference between passive and active range of motion via mobility exploration and deep static poses

-Maybe laugh, maybe cry, but certainly take home some useful ideas on how you can find more balance in you body, both in class and at home. 

-Enjoy and long guided savasana and balancing meditation.

This workshop is for anyone with a regular practice.

Those ‘cool’ looking inversions and arm balances that you spot people popping out in the studio and social media they don’t just magically happen one day. Flailing and throwing yourself around won’t necessarily get the result you want; unless what you want 1 second video of you upside down and a little bit of sweaty cardio.


Through this workshop you will:

-Learn the journey you may need to take and building blocks you may require as you work towards various arm balances and inversions.

-Develop understanding in how flexibility, strength and technique have equal importance 

-Build a toolkit of drills that will assist progress in this direction of travel. 

-Practice and explore chaturanga, bakasana, koundinyasana b, forearm balance, handstand and maybe more

-Discover that executing ‘easy’ asanas with integrity, can significantly improve you ability to explore more challenging poses.

-Learn the common errors taken in these poses, some of which are potentially injurious. 

This workshop it suitable for anyone with a  regular practice, though it will be a strong practice!