March 14 & 15, 2020

Andrea Marcum “Close to Om”. An urban weekend development retreat. Asana, Meditaion and book journey for your personal development

Dein persönliches Urban Mini Retreat aus unserer Special Reihe bei KARMA Cologne. Ein Wochenende nur für dich – Yoga, Meditation und ein tolles Yogabuch. Eine persönliche Reise und Entwicklung nur für dich und dein Yoga und mit dir.

SA 14.3.         12-15:30 Awaken & Transform: Masterclass und Book Journaling 

SO 15.3.        11-13:30 Awaken & Transform & 14-16:30 Unite

Komplettes Wochenende Early Bird € 120.-

Einzelne Module: SA Early Bird € 55.- & SO jeweils € Early Bird 40.-

An oasis to your busy week, Close to Om with Andrea Marcum is a weekend immersion to start where you are and stretch to your full potential body, mind & spirit. 

Andreas Buch gibt es bei uns im Shop.

Enjoy Andrea’s signature vinyasa-flow practices, meditation, journaling, interactive discussion and deliciously rejuvenating restorative yoga. Use concepts from Andrea’s book Close to Om, to create the space to transform a state of thinking from limitation to one of opportunity and possibility, both on your mat and in your life. In yoga philosophy this is called pratipaksha bhavana

Think of your weekend odyssey as an archeological dig to discover the hidden treasures that already exist within you but which have become buried and lost underneath obstacles you might not yet be able to see. You’ll emerge untangled and recharged, with a refreshing new vantage point.

Awaken & Transform, the first workshop, focuses on awaking from what Andrea calls our Stuckat List – things which we get stuck on in our lives – to the discovery of our Possibility Pose where she helps us see how to use poses to transform life’s obstacles into possibilities. This involves a flow practice accessible to all levels of experience, meditation, journaling and interactive discussion.

The second workshop, Unite,picks up where the first workshop left off (and is a place where anyone can meet us as well). Our mixed- level flow celebrates our ability to Awaken & Transform as we Unitewith one another through movement and stillness –we see that sometimes upside-down is right-side-up and learn that “advanced” is not how many crazy things we can do– it is the integrity with which we do the simplest of things.

All levels of experience are welcome. Please bring a notebook and pen for journaling.

Warning: this program includes laughter, sweat, playful fun, juicy relaxation and inspiration.