Chakra Vinyasa Special

29- August 2020 18-20 Uhr Chakra Vinyasa Special

The 5 great elements or tattvas (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Space ) are the basis of all creation.  Our bodies are not separate from these sacred elements but are comprised uniquely of the powerful energies, characteristics, and strengths each one beholds.

Cristi has the unique ability to connect heart to heart with her students inspiring them to dig deeper, play harder, and feel down into the depths of their Spirit with enthusiasm and joy. Cristi seeds her teachings through the Elements & the 7 Energy Centres in the body, creating a map to explore the full spectrum of what it is to be alive. She is the creator of Soul Fire, and the co-creator of Deep Exhale, and Kirana Yoga School. Known for her unique blend of yoga, dance, inspiration, and live music, Cristi travels the globe leading workshops, retreats, teacher training, and sits on the faculty of numerous festivals and conferences worldwide.

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