4. August 2019 | 14-16.30 Uhr | FINDING FLIGHT – Inversions *English

Welcome to inversions! Going upside down is a big part of a yoga asana but also takes lots of practice.
This workshop will be informative and transformative in your approach to inversions. This ALL-LEVELS workshop will add to your depth of anatomy essentials in uncovering your unique expression of inversions, and variations for all types of students. There will be unconventional and functional exercises that you can use to take as homework to further develop your inversion practice. Playful movements, detailed movements, partner exercises and more will be part of this program as we dive deeper into finding your way towards building strength and awareness in your body
You should bring a pen/paper OR your phone to document anything that is important to take home with them. This class allows you to grasp a better understanding towards your journey on inversions, or better yet, bring you to your first flight/advance your flight. Come join us!

About Brad:
Brad recently moved to Germany after coming from the “sunshine state” California to share his passion of teaching and maximizing potential in body and mind movement. His background includes a degree in psychology and teaching sports from the young age of 15. Brad’s classes can be described as informative, open and light hearted, powerful and caring.