Cristi Christensen

August 21 & 22, 2020

Cristi is coming to Cologne in August and she will also be part of our KARMA Cologne Yogafestival in October. A former elite-level gymnast and platform diver, Cristi trained with the US Olympic diving team as a young adult. After an injury cut her Olympic dreams short, Cristi shifted her focus to helping others improve their level of fitness through personal training, Pilates, Core Fusion, and yoga. After earning her degree in Kinesiology, Cristi studied extensively for over 10 years with world-renowned teachers including Saul David Raye, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Elisabeth Halfpapp, and Fred DeVito.


Day 1 – Uhrzeit folgt Thema: Element water
Day 2 – Uhrzeit folgt: Element fire / Air /space 
Journey Dance – takes us through them all !  

Elemental Activation 
This body is made of earth and gold,
Sky and stars, rivers and oceans,
Masquerading as muscle and bone.
Every substance is here:
Diamonds and silver, magical elixirs, 
Ambrosia that nourish and heal.
The foundation of the planet, 
Immortal magnetic iron,
Circulating in the blood.

Every element in you loves the other:
Earth loves rain, sky loves sun, 
Sun loves the space it shines through,
Space loves everyone equally.

Luxuriate in knowing this deep and simple truth.
Every cell is an organ of sense
Infused with majesty.

~ The Radiance Sutras ( sutra 24)

The 5 great elements or tattvas (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, & Space ) are the basis of all creation.  Our bodies are not separate from these sacred elements but are comprised uniquely of the powerful energies, characteristics, and strengths each one beholds.  Each element feeds, delights, sustains, purifies and inspires us with a particular healing and nourishing tone and movement. All patterns of movement arise and correlate to a tattva.   

Elemental Activation is an exploration into you.  Into all you are made up.  This weekend is designed to bring your more deeply in touch with your own true nature as you awaken, balance, and come into contact with all the energy that you are. Through dynamic vinyasa, music, mudra, mantra, poetry and breath you will activate the gifts of vitality, beauty, fluidity, strength, power, and creativity that only the elements can bring.