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Handstand Workshop 14. Oktober 2023 16-19 Uhr

SHIVASHOP mit Rad Kaim

14. Oktober 2023 16-19 Uhr

Shivashop is a workshop designed to deepen your Asana Practice and open the doorway to meditation. It is a fantastic chance to de-construct a specific pose and to learn a little more about Shiva.

Each workshop is focused around a specific Yoga pose. De-constructing each pose and getting better understanding of the alignment principles necessary to take the pose to the next level. STEP by STEP INSTRUCTIONS. No previous experience of being in the posture is necessary and your current level and experience will be respected. This month we will focus on HANDSTAND. 

€ 39 

oder für Urban Sports Mitglieder: USC Check in plus €25


Benefits of practicing Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana):
Strengthening the shoulders, arms, and wrists
Strengthening the core
Improving balance
Relieving stress and calming the brain

Also SHIVASHOP is an excellent way to re-connect with your own essence exploring doorways to MEDITATION. It is a perfect opportunity for those of you who are interested in learning meditation or, for those who are already meditating, to deepen your practice.

Rad Kaim ( Anand Sangat  )is Senior Hatha Yoga teacher and KRI-certified Level 2 Teacher of Kundalini Yoga. 
 His style of teaching comes from a mix of influences, teachings and traditions as he had the pleasure of training in many different styles, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara and Vinyasa. He is interested in energy healing, meditation and life coaching. Rad is also a certified massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. He is a founder of Yoga4men on his mission to get more men on the yoga mat. His prime interest is to inspire and empower students on their personal life journeys and to enable them to recognise their own definition of happiness, integrity and power.
Check out Rad Kaim’s website: www.radkaimyoga.com