Holly Husler

HOLLY HUSLER Workshop SPRING EQUINOX – Moment with the Sun 

SA 20. März 2021 | 20-22 Uhr

€ 30.-

Do you know you were put on this Earth for more? Are you tired of being scared to shine? Are you ready to step into your full power, own your unique voice and become who you were here to become?

Light some candles, grab your cosy socks and blanket, and join Holly Husler on the evening of the Spring Equinox for two hours of journeying back home to your unique light. This friendly and relaxed session will include:

– A beautiful guided meditation

– An inspirational talk where Holly will share her struggles and her story

– A magical sound journey where you’ll be invited to lie down and fully receive the healing vibrations of crystal bowls, harp, chimes and Holly’s singing voice.

Holly will be singing her debut single, ‘Moment with the Sun’, live for the first time, and would be honoured for you to join her in this sacred and soul-nourishing gathering.