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‘Journey to the Self’ Urban Retreat Day with Sonal Thakrar 20. April 24

20th April 2024 | 10am-5pm (10-17 Uhr)

Join Guest Teacher, Sonal Thakrar from London, UK for this unmissable Urban Retreat Day experience – ‘Journey to the Self’

A RE-SET, designed to recalibrate the body, mind and spirt to cleanse, re-balance, strengthen and uplift with fresh new vibrant energy. Be prepared to experience a transformation as we travel through the subtle layers of the physical, mental, emotional, wisdom and bliss states, known as the ‘Koshas’ in Yoga Philosophy. We release and shed the ‘Old to make space for the “New’, meeting ourselves in that moment of transition between the two states, we welcome with abundance, the magic of connection and integration with our authentic Self. 

All Levels welcome!

€ 49 Super Early Bird (until January 10th)

We will open the practice with the vibration of our intentions mudra and mantra – setting the scene at the start of the journey before flowing through a movement practice, then focusing on the breath with Pranayama techniques before being led into a guided meditation and deep yoga nidra sleep, opening the subtle layers of the physical, mental and emotional bodies to become receptive to the Power of Crystal Alchemy Sound.

Travelling through the Labyrinth into a fascinating in-depth transmission, Sonal will weave a soundscape of vibrations with her harmonic set of Crystal Tones™ Alchemy Sound Bowls and Koshi Elemental Chimes whilst you rest and digest and allow the sound waves to wash over you. Be prepared for a fully immersive transformational experience to nourish and re-connect to your true essence. 

Every experience is unique to the individual, and will differ with every sound journey. 

Nurturing a state of deep relaxation, the Alchemy Sound Bowls will meet you exactly where you are, the healing is there if you are open to it.

Please note Crystal Sonic Sound Therapy is suitable for many people, however, there are a few conditions that are known contraindications. These include people with epilepsy, fitted pacemakers, or those in the first trimester of pregnancy. Please speak to us first if you have any of these conditions before joining the Sound Journey element part of this day.

This event is open to all levels, please bring a journal and a pen and arrive by 9.45am to set up your sacred space.  

We can’t wait to meet you there! 

DE81 3705 0299 0000 6305 22


What to Expect:

10.00am – Opening Conscious Connected Circle

10.30am – Intention setting and introduction to the Koshas

11.00am – Invigorating Movement Practice –Physical State

12.45pm –  Journaling and Reflection

1.00pm –  Lunch

2.00pm –  Pranayama Exploration and Guided Meditation – Mental and Emotional States

3.15pm – Yoga Nidra (Deep Sleep) & Crystal Alchemy Sound Journey – Wisdom and Bliss Sates

4.30pm – Journaling and Reflection and Closing Conscious Connected Circle

5.00pm – Goodbyes