5. Februar 2020 | 19-21 Uhr | € 35.-

REBECCA JOY Inside Flow Masterclass

Step into your authentic power through this invigorating practice. Inside Flow is not just a fluid vinyasa yoga practice but a journey to the beating heart that lives Inside of you. Music is the driving force around which an Inside Flow Workshop and its sequencing are built. Gently moving from one posture to another, we focus on the movement between the postures not just the posture itself, which allows the body to feel the rhythm of the music. Breath, movement, and music unite as ONE. Each workshop has a choreographed sequence that flows to a specific piece of music, and is broken down into segments throughout the class in order to fully marry the movement with the musicality. To truly feel in sync, a common intention is set, the volume of the music goes up and we move as one! 


About Rebecca: I’m a Mindful Movement Mentor, Yoga teacher, community builder and wellness advocate. I love hanging out at home in Connecticut with my Husband Matt, puppy Tito, and all our cute farm animals. I am my best self when I move my body, drink a yummy latte, and am outside in nature!My passion is to teach people how to master the essence of their movement and awareness of their bodies empowering them to live joyfully on and off the mat. Life is amazing and I feel super blessed to be doing what I love!