Solar | Lunar Prana Vinyasa – 300h Training | Application Steps


Step 1a: Follow our suggested path and book the entire package with 20 – 15% saving

Choose your start point and follow the path, you can change 3 modules within 2 years*.

* additional costs may occur

Step 1b: Choose your own path and book single immersion and choose where you want to begin


Ongoing enrollment. CHOOSE within 3 years 1 FOUNDATION MODULE (Elemental Prana Vinyasa/ Art of Namaskar) and MINIMUM OF 1 up to 3 IMMERSION to achieve the required contact hours. To receive contact hours you can attend the same Immersion up to 2 times.

The foundation modules are offered annually in different locations, Malibu, CA, Greece, India, and Costa Rica. The foundation modules may also be taken with a Prana Vinyasa Affiliate teacher trainer as Roots Prana Vinyasa/ Mandala of Asanas/ Embodying the Flow.

The program hours consist of contact and non-contact hours. Contact hours are the live modules taken with either Shiva Rea or an affiliate trainer. Non-contact hours are made up of supplemental online courses, required reading, and homework. Affiliate contact hours The breakdown of each program is:
300hr: 270 contact hours, 30 non contact hours

Step 2. Apply to the Teacher Training program path
Apply HERE

The Teacher Training programs are accompanied by online classes on Yoga Alchemy: the online school of Prana Vinyasa, Teacher Training students receive a lifetime membership.

  • Application fee (one time): $54
  • Foundation Online Course Bundle: $108
  • Certification fee: $108

Step 3. Exam

Once you have completed the juicy live modules and tracking grid of contact hours, apply for the online certifcation with $108 fee for exam grading and admin.

You can submit what is needed for certification in your own rhythm. Complete exams via our online exam portal or via your affiliate teacher.

Step 4. Receive official Prana Vinyasa certification from Samudra school of Living

and be added to Shiva Rea’s online directory and join the Prana Vinyasa teaching tribe!

You can register with the Yoga Alliance with this certificate.