Shiva Rea-Teacher Training more

Lunar 300hr certification track

requires: one *core module

  • Lunar Prana Vinyasa – Slow Flow Lunar Foundation Prana Vinyasa
  • Slow Flow Lunar Elemental Prana Vinyasa Soma Prana Flow – Tantric Yin

Minimum of one elective immersion module

  • Power of Pranams – Practices for Healing and Balance
  • Chakra Prana Flow – Tantric Movement Meditation
  • Rasa Prana Flow – Art of Tantric Yin
  • Bhakti Prana Flow – Devotion in Motion
  • Shakti Prana Flow – Healing and Empowering Practices for Women
  • Sahaja Prana Flow – Flow Arts and Ecstatic Yoga Trance Dance
  • Inner Arts – Meditation Mandalas

270 contact hours, 30 hrs online and final exam needed for 300hr training certification

Solar 300hr certification track

Core Modules Solar modules are:

  • Art of Namaskar
  • Mandala of Asanas
  • Elemental Prana Vinyasa

Minimum of one and up to three advanced immersions:

  • Chakra Vinyasa/Prana Mandala Vinyasa
  • Rasa Vinyasa
  • Soma Prana Vinyasa
  • Kalari Vinyasa (offered in India)

What is Prana Vinyasa™?

Prana Vinyasa™ Wave Sequencing is a method developed by Shiva over 25 years of teaching as an integrative, progressive, full-spectrum way of creating a progressive flow of a yoga class utilizing the natural structure of vinyasa as wave cycles as well as Krishnamacharya’s teaching of vinyasa krama or stages of“ by offering students movement patterns from the very first om through the namaskars and related vinyasas to the peak asanas to the inner arts of regeneration integrated at the end of class.

In addition to unique asanas, through Shiva Rea’s trainings you will learn to embody and teach the uniquely Prana Vinyasa™ methodologies of: Energetic Alignment™, Hands-on Assists, Vinyasa Krama, Prana Vinyasa Three-Part Vinyasa™, and Wave-Sequencing™ for the Mandala of 108 Asanas™.

Lunar Arts Program

After many years of offering an integrated program of solar-lunar evolutionary vinyasa from the roots, Shiva Rea is happy to offer a first LUNAR only Teacher Training path.

Program includes live modules in both healing and sacred places around the world and urban yoga centers combined with our Yoga Alchemy’s Lunar Arts Online Program – an overall offering that will integrate lunar arts into your daily life through the rhythm of the year and truly transform you.

This is an all-level teacher training path for your wisdom, life-experience and embodiment without any physical restrictions upon the level of your asana practice. In this training you develop your skills to

  • Lead movement meditation and many forms of seated meditation to all-levels and many backgrounds including Mantra, Mudra, Yantra, Dharana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra
  • Cultivate lunar Prana Vinyasa/yin flow
  • Begin an integrated lunar teacher path that rejuvenates your personal vitality and healing to share with others

Embody and Learn:

  • Lunar Namaskar- Movement
  • Lunar Flow Sequence and Energetic Alignment
  • Leading Five Forms of Meditation
  • The art and science of meditation and relaxation
  • Yoga, Tantric and Universal Heart Wisdom Philosophy and Lunar Lifestyle
  • Facilitate balanced solar-lunar yoga practice as movement meditation
  • Offer lunar relaxation and meditation
  • As a Prana Flow Lunar Arts Teacher & Wellness Guide to teach healthful living as daily, weekly, and seasonal wellness practices.
  • Lead “Flow for All”- accessible yoga for all backgrounds, steering focus away from“accomplishing” yoga and instead towards healthy lifestyle balance and inner well-being.

Prana Flow Wellness Guide + Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 

Prana Flow Wellness Guide + Prana Vinyasa Teacher training offers the essential systems of Roots + Pranams, Foundation, Elemental, + Chakra Prana Vinyasa alongside Shiva Rea’s online + live year long seasonal life-style program.

All TT students will be able to participate in this year long program. Grounded in lineage and evidence-based wellness practices in meditation, flow states, Ayurveda, yoga, movement and music- Prana Flow Wellness Guide program is live + online Prana Vinyasa certification for students who are completing the foundation modules.

Focus on:

  • One to one Prana Flow Yoga/Wellness Session + Life Navigation Process
  • Firekeeping 101: Embodying Flow – Solar / Lunar Wellness
  • Living in Rhythm –New and Full Moon Meditation & Ritual
  • Ritual Seasonal Wellness – Tending the Fire Workshops
  • RootSrise – movement meditation for all backgrounds
  • Pathways of Prana Flow- Embodying the Elements for Practical and Soulful Wellness + Heart Community – Generate happiness and well-being
  • Purpose – Life Navigation and Activism