Sonia unterrichtet zwei Klassen auf unserem Karma Cologne Yoga Festival. Stil: Callisthenics Yoga Fusion! Seid gespannt und bringt viel Power mit!

Samstag, 9. März 2019

The hour of Necessity auf deutsch
Necessity: A state or fact of being required: THE WORK!Together we explore the strengthening & lengthening elements of the practice, with a challenging new & fresh approach to working your foundation: conditioning the arms, core & legs. We’ll pass through calisthenic work techniques, Ninja & Diamond style Push Ups, a creative matrix of core exercises & crazy effective moves to build our hamstrings and quads. All this sprinkled with the sweetest shoulder & hip mobilizing honey to keep you nurtured & inspired along the journey.

Sonntag, 10. März 2019

Soundless like a Ninja auf deutschA Ninja can breathe underwater anytime they want, change clothes in less than a second, run faster than cheetahs and see perfectly in the dark! And, Ninja’s always land on their feet. They: DIG DEEP!

Together we explore the path of least resistance & surrender to the practice, camouflaging ourselves deeply in the world of movement culture. You will be guided to pay attention to the details; to the delicate subtleties of this fluid, transformational Ninja Flow. Moving like a Ninja involves learning how to travel stealthily and silently on foot and hand while simultaneously making use of your environment to conceal you.

Roaming purely through sequences that build and require major agility and strength; and burns the body fat. Ninja moves call for quick changes in direction, help you to be solid & faster on your feet, and improve your proprioception – your ability to know where your body is in space without having to look.
Leave knowing where and how you stand in this world, and equipped with extraordinary skills, knowledge, courage, passion and love in your heart.

Schaut euch hier den kompletten Plan an…wir freuen uns auf euch!

Sonia Taylor Bach is the director of movement culture at the yogaloft cologne. With a masters degree in philosophy & a former professional jazz musician, Sonia became deeply involved in yoga & movement over 20 years ago.

Her goal is to drive you to extract more from your practice and more from your life: an honest you, built by new insights, resulting in a clear-cut representation of who you truly are.

As an authentic, poetic and persistent instructor, she guides us through an informative practice of delicate movement with fierce, grace and focus; while inspiring attention to the details, transitions and to the precious subtleties of movement culture. To the not obvious beauty of this specific elegant & liberating flow. Each session focuses on innovative combinations of poses and exercises, mind introspection, and offers new challenges, new perspectives and is composed to build momentum for the next experience to come. In these moving conversations she prioritizes transitioning and mobility; rather than being obsessed with the arrival, we are led to focus on the quality of entry and exit from one form to the other.

The metaphysics of yoga or movement may seem ‘complicated’ yet, our bodies have heroic potential, natural intelligence and in combination with quality conditioning, can brilliantly navigate us through life.

Sonia insists that we: Work. Dig Deep. Transition. Cut Clear.