SPRING is coming to Cologne for a very unique and special event. For the first time ever in Europe she will be teaching a Y.U.M.M.Y Time Workshop at our studio. Followed by a concert at night.


“Ten Years ago a young woman I was giving voice lessons to at my Venice, CA studio asked if I could also teach her Yoga. At the time, it seemed a strange request to divide the session into different components. This very bright woman however knew just what she was doing. Her job was managing a facility located in Downtown L.A off of Skid Row. She was working directly with people who had just been released from jail, rehabilitation centers and mental institutions. This was a highly stressful job that took a great deal of her stamina. What I came to realize is that this beautiful woman wasn’t interested in becoming a professional singer or advanced yogi practitioner. She was looking for her POWER, her VOICE, her STRENGTH. She wanted to serve as BEST as she possibly could. The Voice lessons TOGETHER with YOGA provided just that, and in deed the seed for, Y.U.M.M.Y. Time. I am forever grateful she allowed me to step out of my box, utilize a variety of skills and help her, to help others.”