"Katchie's trainings have helped me remain firmly rooted to the earth while opening towards my own fullest potential. I leave her teacher training feeling like I can finally hear the voice of my own inner teacher, and this is the greatest gift any teacher can give a student. Katchie provides guidance, strength, and stability so her students can explore their own unique paths to freedom and embodiment. She has a profound ability to translate yogic philosophy and make it accessible to body, mind and heart. By integrating music, meditation, yoga, philosophy and her sense of humor, Katchie is able to make yoga resonate with all chakras. This gift and skill spreads through the sangha and her students learn how to begin walking a path in which they can embody and share their own divine gifts. These trainings have been a blessing for which I will forever be grateful."

"Katchie's teachers training was an amazing experience. As a result I feel more confident in my own teaching. Her years of experience teaching and studying yoga were transmitted to us as students. I highly recommend Katchie's classes, workshops, teacher training or immersions to anyone interested in expanding their yoga practice."
Nicole McCracken, Certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor

"Katchie's teacher training has been a fascinating journey into the principles and philosophy of Anusara yoga and how they are embodied into our own life. Katchie brings the spiritual path of yoga into our everyday life in a profound and inspiring way. Her teachings and personality literally shake you up and make you wake up to your own reality and how to transform your suffering and finding your deep inner truth.
There is nothing more Tantric than Katchie, She allows space for our intrinsic goodness to arise and support us to develop the unique teacher and leader inside of us that we will grow to be. Thank you ,Katchie."

"Katchie’s teacher training was fundamental to my development in becoming the best teacher I can be. In addition to offering a vast scope of knowledge, she taught us to tap our own wisdom and go beyond the scripts in order to teach from the lessons we’ve made our own.

Her first allegiance is to honoring her teachers, the sacred teachings themselves and the integrity of lineage.

Many teacher’s trainings out there jam pack as many student$ as possible into a get-wise-quick program, regardless of how much attention they will receive or how appropriate the teacher is for each student. Katchie not only intentionally limited the number of trainees in our program so that we could get the attention we needed, and extended the training to 7 months, giving ample time to absorb and practice, but even made sure that the trainees were in the right place before proceeding with her. Going beyond meeting her obligation to be present for us during class, she made herself an indispensable resource outside and even after the training.

Katchie brings a long history and true wisdom of what it is to be a teacher, cautioning to the common pitfalls and sharing the best of tricks of trade she gained along the way. She has an incredible knack of bringing the lesson that is most appropriate for the group, and the individual student, and transmitting those lessons at the most decisive times."

"She takes you right to your edge, but the minute you start taking yourself too seriously, or lose your footing, or feel frustrated, she's right there, to catch you when you fall, to lend some kind words or a familiar Katchie-ism, fully dedicated and committed to our spiritual development and evolution down this crazy path of life."
Dani Cirrigano