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Greece mit Shiva Rea

Es gibt hier die Möglichkeit außerhalb des etwas teureren Retreat Centers zu wohnen. Bitte folgt dafür diesem link. Wir teilen uns ein Haus und wohnen gemeinsam in der Nähe.

Option: Fahrgemeinschaft ab Athen.

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Griechenland mit Shiva Rea. Special Guest Sivani Mata Francis & Krishna Das. Zwei verschiedene Retreats die einzelnd oder als Paket buchbar sind. Retreat im wunderschönen Zen Rocks Mani gemeinsam mit Kirtan Legende Krishna Das. Und als Option im Anschluss Delphi mit Shiva.

20-24.6.24 ZEN ROCKS MANI

24.-27.6.24 DELPHI

Embodying Shakti: Full Moon – Summer Solstice Celebration

Calling all lovers of nature, all in need of healing & ancient wisdom initiation, to join us on a world sacred land, for a transformational retreat with Shiva Rea, Sivani Mata Francis and a Krishna Das guest appearance, during the rare alignment of the Summer Solstice and Full Moon in Mani, Greece.☀️

‍All practice levels are welcome. Come as you are! Our Prana Flow  will support both those needing to rest and restore with our daily lunar flow,  and those who are ready to jump up to a higher  level of energy with our solar–lunar flows.

Together, we will celebrate the healing Shakti of earth goddesses,
such as Rea, mother of gods & goddesses,
Gaia, sacred living earth, and other powerful divine energies of this ancient power spot,
as we amplify our intentions to revive and thrive!

‍Our retreat intention is to support you in your sacred embodiment.  Our pilgrimage to the sacred site of Ancient Messene will forever  transform our felt sense of health & connection with our own healing  life-force within.

  • On June 20, starting with a Solstice Meditation, Shiva will lead us through a Prana Flow practice.
  • In the evening, after a mesmerizing sunset dinner, we welcome you to a powerful Solstice Kirtan with Shiva, Sivani, and Krishna Das in a rare in person guest appearance.
  • Daily we will cultivate the practice and rhythm of vital health and collective self-care in a retreat of  balance, vitality and embodying the sacred flow of Shakti.
  • Shiva will introduce us to her signature Prana Mandala Flow- Solar and Lunar Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Soulful Wellness practices.
  • Sivani will offer Music as medicine: kirtan and prayer song in celebration of the Earth.

‍Each day we will call in the sunrise-sunset for invoking vital energy and rest and dream with the moonrise and moonset in the spirit of our re-connection retreat. We will invoke the ​​Goddesses for inspiration on the parallels to our own approaches to health as sacred embodiment with yoga and ancient Greece. Be inspired to learn more of the Goddess’s teachings,  divine attributes, symbols, and healing powers. Your guides are longtime pilgrims and global teachers dedicated to the honoring of our living earth, Gaia, and the realization of the wisdom of the Goddess traditions around the world and specifically within Shakti Tantra.

‍Post Retreat Continuation:  You will be given tools, Prana Vinyasa Flows to continue your daily life, and practices for your personal vital health cultivation. Combined with the arts of chant, dance and movement meditation with kirtan you will embody a complete integrated model of movement, daily ritual, and sacred connection in harmony with nature.